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Carpet Cleaning by
Supreme Cleaning Specialists

Supreme Clean Specialists are a family run, West Midlands based business that really cares about cleaning, we want the best possible results for you and your family or indeed colleague’s.

Carpet Cleaning

A professional carpet clean can sometimes mean the difference between reclaiming all of your deposit or not our and when taken out at the same time as an end of tenancy clean is much more cost effective.  At Supreme Clean Specialists we pride ourselves on cleaning carpets and upholstery making your home a clean, stain free environment.  We understand time is of the essence, that’s why we have developed our cleaning solutions to minimise drying time and maximising your time to enjoy your home and upholstery.

  • Carpets dry clean and ready for immediate use
  • Ask us about adding Antimicrobial solution to our pre spray to kill 99.999% of germs and viruses in your carpet
  • Safe for your baby, family and pets and allergy sufferers
  • Stain removal
  • Extends and maintains carpet life
  • Clean all kinds of carpets and upholstery


Unlike traditional wet cleaning equipment that takes days to dry and leaves you with a damp smell for weeks after the clean, our state of the art cleaning equipment leaves carpets smelling fresh and is dry to the touch in less than 1 hour. Make your home as clean as possible with our cleaning solutions for all your household needs.

To find out more about our specialist cleaning services and how we can help refresh and revitalise the carpets, curtains, upholstery and mattresses in your static or touring caravan, why not give us a call today on 07401 988 451.


The first thing we do is inspect the items to be cleaned performing thorough tests to make sure we know exactly the type and material your flooring is made from this in turn will instruct us on what solutions to use to get the best and safest results for your flooring.


We then Vacuum the whole area with a commercial grade cleaner this is one of the most import steps in the whole process as 80% of the dirt in your carpets is dust particles if not removed will turn to sludge when it comes to wet extraction then after a few days will return to the top of the pile.


At this point we mix up the relevant solution for your carpet as the strength and type of solution will depend upon the type of carpet and amount of staining, this is then applied to the carpet.


The second most important part of the whole process is what we call agitation, whereby we run a CRB machine over the whole area.  This will penetrate the carpet to the very bottom of the pile which will do two things, one get to the built up dust and dirt you cannot possibly get to with a standard vacuum cleaner and two cover the whole pile with the pre-treatment solution so the whole carpet is clean not just the top 30% of the carpet.


Once the whole area has been agitated we wait for the cleaning solution to work its magic, at this point a coffee would be greatly appreciated.


Now comes the part that most people think is what actually cleans the carpets surprise it’s not, the Pre-treat, Agitate and Time is what cleans the carpets, now we are removing what we have done and bringing the carpet back to its natural PH level.  We add a natural accruing acid rinse to the extraction water this safely removes the solution that we have used to clean the carpet so it is safe for your family and pets to use straight away.

Take a look at some of our
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Supreme clean flooring are a family run business that really cares about cleaning, we want the best possible results for you and your family or indeed colleague’s. We never rush from job to job we are polite and courteous at all times often giving advice on the best ways to care for your flooring or upholstery. We always strive to do the very best job for our clients and our repeat customers speak very highly of us. Give us a call today for a free quote and site visit you won’t be disappointed.

All of our cleaners are fully DBS checked for your peace of mind.
We are still operating through the pandemic using safe practices.